Amlak International resumes definition of its clients and its financing solutions

Amlak International renews its definition of its real estate development fund customers through its participation in "Residential Expo", ""
Amlak International Real Estate Finance is preparing to participate in the upcoming version of the Residential Expo, which will be held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center from 14-23 November, organized by the Real Estate Development Fund and under the auspices of the Ministry of Housing. Real estate.
Amlak International will renew its participation in the exhibition, which aims to identify the beneficiaries of the programs of the Fund and the Ministry of Housing to provide the participants with offers and solutions, financing and real estate products to enable them to own housing easily and ease the challenges facing them, The listed citizens have their names in the lists of the Fund and the Ministry, to meet their needs and provide the necessary liquidity among the options available to buy a ready housing unit, or buy a unit under construction, according to mechanisms and procedures easy and fast.

Amlak International Real Estate Finance is one of the first financing entities in the Kingdom, which is associated with the Real Estate Development Fund and the Ministry of Housing with partnership agreements to implement the financing programs of the Ministry and the Fund, such as the subsidized housing loan program and the "Residential" program. Through the provision of affordable financing solutions and incentive benefits, put an end to the suffering of those on the waiting lists, and thus contribute to enhance the rates of ownership of Saudi citizens to their own housing according to the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

Tawfik Maafa, Executive Director of Retail, said: "Amlak International is looking forward to the" Residential Expo "exhibition as a vital and interactive platform to introduce the latest innovative financing solutions that the company is constantly developing to meet the needs of the Saudi citizen and support him in achieving his aspirations to own the accommodation easily and quickly. He added that Amlak International will offer a full range of its solutions and financial products supported by competitive advantages and exclusive offers as a 50% discount on administrative fees and valuation fees, as well as facilities related to the postponement of the first three Of funding.
Tawfik Maafa said that the company is keen to deepen its partnership with the Real Estate Development Fund and the Ministry of Housing, in line with its commitment to the community in the need to unite all parties to expand the base of citizens in the possession of housing, which is the cornerstone for achieving the stability of living desired.