Dubai Jewelery concludes with more than 25,000 luxury items

"WAM" The Dubai International Jewelery Show has concluded its activities with a host of local and international exhibitors from 21 countries exhibiting more than 25,000 jewelery pieces. The massive activity added valuable trade routes and a distinctive ambience that affected the consumer experience in a lifestyle-like manner. The event was organized by DV Global Link, a collaboration between the Dubai World Trade Center and the Italian Excellence Group. Following the success of this year's event, regulators are looking forward to launching the next round from 13 to 16 November 2019.

The buyers program at the exhibition witnessed the participation of global names in retail and wholesale, who have contributed with exhibitors to ensure access to the finest unique jewelery formations and competitive advantages as well as to build new synergies in the sector. The figures from the 2018 session confirm the global scope of the exhibition with the participation of more than 80 countries, including the UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia, Kuwait and China, as well as the participation of new players from Africa as a result of the pre-event promotional tour which focused on attracting more buyers to exhibitors.

The continuation of the new model of the exhibition, which was created last year, has been a confirmation of its success as a strategy that fits into the dynamics of the market, said Luca Veronese, the exhibition's director. "The effectiveness of the presentation in a context that targets the direct business sector between companies and between businesses and consumers will provide an element Supporting the jewelery industry in Dubai in particular and the Middle East region in general, which organizers will continue to work on at the upcoming exhibition in 2019.

Paula de Luca, co-founder of the independent research center, Trendbirgen Jewelers & Forcasting, has highlighted the trendbook 2020 and has a look at the industry's latest forecast for the next few seasons, revealing consumer insights and trends in the diamond jewelery industry. And gold. The International Gemstone Institute held a panel discussion entitled "The Emerald: A Royal Jewel" which aims to uncover the historical secrets behind this legendary green gem and explore the reasons that have led women to embrace it from Cleopatra to Kate Middleton.

The event was hosted by the 2018 Middle East Forum of Jewelry Designers, which explored the design era with a group of speakers. Participants discussed dynamic design movements, their current market value and their crucial role in shaping the future of the jewelery and gemstone industry in the Middle East. Finally, the American Institute of Jewelry and Jewelery said in an important panel discussion on the mechanisms of artificial diamond innovation.

The effective promotion of local designers also played a pivotal role in the exhibition. The event, in collaboration with 55 Fifty 7 Studio in Dubai, hosted the Independent Designer's Corner and the Children's Contest, two initiatives focused mainly on nurturing, developing and inspiring local talent in jewelry design. The exhibition was also welcomed by participants in the "Qlala" project, a government initiative that provides a platform for owners to inspire their creative talents in the design of charming jewelry. This initiative has proved popular throughout the four days of the exhibition. The exhibition offered visitors the latest in unique creations and jewelery collections with special offers and 19 fashion shows.


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