More than 16 thousand housing and financing options in Tabuk

The Ministry of Housing has allocated 16,151 housing and financing options to the beneficiaries in the Tabuk region through the "Housing" program since its launch last year until the eleventh installment mid-month, noting that this contributes to meet the needs of residents of the region citizens and citizens listed on the Ministry, Which includes a number of ready-made housing projects and developed land, including the project "housing Tabuk" and the project of the ministerial lands ready for delivery in the province of the field, which launched by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - may God save him - today, during his visit to Tabuk, Tabuk housing project 901 villas ready for delivery within an integrated residential project, while the project of land developed in the province of 230 fields of residential, a total of more than 407 million riyals, if these projects are characterized by the integration of infrastructure of water and electricity, sidewalks, lighting and sanitation, It is characterized by the presence of mosques and public utilities of green areas and gardens, and the allocation of sites for government service agencies to establish health centers and schools and other centers according to the requirements of each project.

The ministry explained that during the previous installments of the program "residential" allocated 2,073 ready housing units distributed in the projects of the Ministry of Housing, which includes most of the provinces of the region, in addition to 6,354 units under construction, and was through the program allocated 6.337 mortgage loans supported profits in partnership with banks And financial institutions.

She pointed out that through the "residential" provide 1.387 free land distributed in different centers and governorates of Tabuk, indicating that this option provides citizens with the opportunity to obtain improved land for those wishing to build their homes, and the program allows all citizens the opportunity to buy a housing unit ready from the market , Or "self-building" for those who own land and obtain a mortgage of up to 500 thousand riyals, backed by 100% profit for those with less than 14 thousand riyals, through the Development Fund in partnership with banks and financial institutions.

3 residential projects under construction in Tabuk area providing 2,142 housing units

In the previous installments of the Housing program, the Ministry of Housing announced the allocation of a number of housing and financing options to the beneficiaries in the Tabuk region, including the launching of villas, which are part of the Ministry's projects. These include 3 integrated housing projects, providing 2,142 residential villas with an area of ​​500 square meters These projects integrate infrastructure and public utilities.

In addition, three residential projects under construction have been announced in partnership with the private sector in the Tabuk region and have been made available to beneficiaries in the residential program during the previous installments in its first and second phases. Tabuk Tabuk housing project includes 812 housing units, "Tabra Oasis", which offers 274 residential units of apartments type. These projects were launched in the earlier stages of the program "Residential", to enable families in the region to obtain affordable housing units that meet Their wishes. "maaal"