Public Investment Fund announces the development of the Valley Al-Deisa project

The Public Investment Fund, the sovereign fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, today announced the launch of the Al-Deisa Valley Development Project, which is located within the Prince Mohammed bin Salman sanctuary, aimed at preserving the environment and wildlife of the valley. Flowing throughout the year to become one of the tourist attractions in the Kingdom.

The Public Investment Fund will set up a company to develop the project in accordance with internationally recognized environmental and development standards. This will contribute to creating added value for sustainable tourism and job opportunities, supporting economic diversification and maximizing the utilization of untapped assets in the Kingdom.
The Fund announced that the announcement of the "Al-Deisa Valley Project" comes after the launch of the "Amala" project last September, which constitutes a qualitative addition to the tourism projects system within the Prince Mohammed bin Salman sanctuary. Due to its average geographic location for "NEOM" Amala and Al Ola will provide additional travel options and a unique investment opportunity for a unique experience of mountain and valleys lovers.

Al-Deisa is located in the north-west of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman sanctuary and southwest of Tabuk. Al-Deisa is a valley full of palm trees. Wadi Al-Deesa is 400 meters above sea level. Winter to 31 degrees in summer, with an average rainfall of 8 months per year.

The Al-Deisa valley is characterized by a variety of mountains and rocky edges to form tall rocky columns, as well as fresh water springs, and various archaeological sites such as Nabataean tombs carved with rock and remains of Nabataean and Arabic inscriptions in kufic script.

The development of Al-Deisa Valley is an additional engine to drive economic diversification and create investment opportunities for the private sector to contribute to the development of the Kingdom's tourism sector, preserve cultural and environmental heritage and achieve sustainability in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030.
Quoting (SPA)